Monday, February 17, 2014

First things first...

Let's start with the purchase.  I use Amazon because I have a Prime account, and because I use a Discover card (FitBit doesn't take Discover).  I purchased two, one for me and one for my wife.  Mine is black and her's is Slate.  Amazon's price for the other colors is almost $50 more than FitBit's price.

Received the package and went straight to opening it and figuring it out.  I like to try and figure things out on my own before I read the instructions, so here are some observations:
  1. The USB dongle is tiny, and I'm not going to leave it plugged into my computer all the time so I have to put it someplace I won't "forget".
  2. The band is hard to put on by yourself (it get's easier with use).
  3. The USB charging cord (it's around here someplace), is functional.
The first time setup is very easy, just pop it out of the bracelet and slide it into the charger and plug it into the computer.  The software downloaded from the site without issue and with the USB dongle plugged in it found the Flex and configured it without any issues.

A few Pro's and Con's:
  1. The band is comfortable to wear all the time.  I haven't had to take it off (except to shower, even though I think you can leave it on for that).
  2. It get's easier to put on after you put it on and take it off a few times
  3. Sometimes, when I'm tapping to the music, I inadvertently put the Flex into sleep mode.
  4. If you leave the iPhone app running in the background it will drain the battery of both the Flex and your iPhone faster than normal.  This is because "Background" app refresh is enabled for this app by default.
  5. When I purchased it I had the INCORRECT assumption that it could monitor my heart rate.
  6. I also INCORRECTLY assumed it used some fancy technology to monitor my sleep.  It just knows if your moving or if your laying still.
Overall, I like it.

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